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Educational robots

PadBot e1 Specifications

  • Size (W * H * L): 620*564 *255mm
  • Net Weight: 26.3KG
  • Maximum speed: 7.2 km/h(2m/s)
  • Radius of Rotation: 0m
  • Battery Capacity: 12800mAh
  • Wheelbase: 450mm
  • Track Width: 488mm
All Terrain High Speed UGV
E1 has the characteristics of four-wheel drive, independant suspension, in-situ differential rotation, etc.

Secondary Development
Provide standard CAN general protocol and open source SDK, comprehensive and professional tutorials, developers can quickly carry out secondary development.

All-round Mobile Platform
70mm obstacle surmounting, 30-degree climbing , with a variety of power tires, easily cope with various complex road conditions.

Scientific Research Teaching
Professional teaching ROS files, rapid secondary development, applicable to multi-filed teaching and research.

Modular Design
The whole machine adopts a modular quick­release design, which can be equipped with a variety of modular components, which greatly expands the application mode of various scenarios.

Science Experiment
All-round mobile research platform, easy to operate, designed for scientific experiments.

PadBot e0a Specifications

  • Size (W * H * L): 503*503*629mm
  • Net Weight : 40KG
  • Water Tank Capacity: Clean/Sewage Water Tank 10L
  • Cleaning Width: 440mm
  • Battery Capacity: 42000mAh
  • Running Time: 10H
  • Auto Charging: Support
ROS Teaching System
Full support for ROS teaching system, strong machine adaptability, no need to worry about software and hardware compatibility.

Intelligent Al Visual Interaction
Based on the powerful computing performance of product hardware and sensors, it has strong visual recognition capabilities and greatly improved visual interaction performance.

Autonomous Mapping and navigation
Equipped with classic 2D lidar, it supports Gmapping, Hector, Karto, Cartographer and other algorithms for mapping.

Cross-platform Control
It can be operated across platforms via keyboard, mouse, remote control, robot screen, etc.

Intelligent Voice Interaction
Provides separate voice recognition, and can control robot movement through voice, making the operation simple and convenient.

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance
Automatically plan the best route, dynamically avoid obstacles, safe and effective.

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