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Café banners and windbreaks

UK made

We manufacture our own superb range of café banners, also known as windbreaks which we regard to be the most durable available. Extremely strong, attractively styled and using only the best materials they will last you for many years. We also offer all the independent brands so if you need to add to what you have or need a spare part it’s no problem.

Our cafe banners are made in the UK by skilled British engineers with many years of experience. Marine grade 316 stainless steel is used which is more resistant to corrosion than the cheaper 304 grade and vastly superior to chrome plate. It’s the best material to use on items being left out in all weather, hostile environments.

Our posts are strong and weighted at 17kg making them far more stable in windy environments than lighter alternatives and the centre of gravity is kept low to further aid in stability.