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Parasols – Permanent Installations

Permanent and Portable solution

We are official importers and installers for Uhlmann of Germany, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of parasols. We are totally independent but chose Uhlmann for the quality of construction and many years of experience in this market. Powder coated aluminium frames resist peeling, chipping and rusting, joints are made from stainless steel and long roof arms are reinforced with internal galvanized sleeves.

A cranked gearbox easily opens the biggest parasol avoiding having to hand push up a heavy canopy so can be safely used by even your smallest member of staff. The umbrella is auto locked in any position so cannot accidently close on the the operator. All our gearboxes are guaranteed for 10 years. A telescopic centre lift ensures that the umbrella folds above the tables so not disturbing the contents or guests, very important in commercial environments.

Parasols are available up to a massive 10m round, 7m x 7m square or even rectangular to 8m x 5 with many smaller sizes below. ‘We are now also an official supplier of the unique UK made Vortex parasols, the strongest made umbrella in the industry. Combining simplicity and immense strength they are designed for all year use and can take a 100kph wind and survive it. The rust free stainless steel frames will never deteriorate and the waterproof Ferrari roofs will give you 10 years of service or more.

Heating and Lighting
The infrared heaters used on the Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas warm your customers, not the air. Our infrared heaters are very small, safe and almost maintenance free compared to gas heaters. They are shock resistant, have a long service life and are very energy efficient compared to electrical heaters.
The after sunset hours are the prime time for people to relax, enjoy a drink, dinner and friends under our lighted umbrellas. Wiring for the heating and lighting runs inside the mast for esthetics as well as safety.

Rain Gutter and Side Panels
Rain gutters are available to bridge the gap between adjacent umbrellas or connect an umbrella to a building to keep your diners dry underneath. The rain gutters are attached to the umbrella to provide a slight decline ensuring good drainage and are simly unhooked when you wish to close your parasols.
The use of side panels provides increased customer protection from the elements. They hook on and off when required and can be supplied with optional roll-up doors and transparent window panes.

Extreme Weather Parasols
Brand new this year are our extreme weather parasols designed for exceptionally inclement sites or areas likely to suffer from vandalism. The masts and arms are so strong they can even take the weight of full grown men holding onto the very ends of the arms, something that would have easily broken most other systems.

Parasols - Portable Use

Permanent and Portable solutions

Parasols – Portable Use

Due to restrictions in your pavement license you may be required to remove all outside furnishing each evening. Here our range of portable parasols are ideal being smaller and lighter allowing the masts and bases to be brought inside each evening and set out as required each day.

The Disco
The Disco range of small umbrellas range from 180cm – 250cm diameter for very light use and are covered in a plain or printed high quality water and dirt resistant polyester.
The Quadro
The Quadro umbrella is a 2/1m square parasol with a 70kg portable sectional base with stacking base weights.
All the models featured here are again made to high German standards and can be ordered from one unit to several hundred, quantity is not a problem. The parasols can be provided with and without valances and there are a good range of bases available depending on size and finish required.

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