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Goods Delivery robot W2

PadBot W2–Specifications

  • Size (W * H * L): 50 x 120 x 50 cm
  • Moving speed: Navigation Speed: 0.7m/s 
  • Load capacity: 25-30kg
  • Load Volume: Max: 45L 
  • Running Time: >10h
  • Charging Time: 8h
  • Navigation System: Moving Speed: 5mm/m; Laser Scanning Radius: 30m 
  • Navigation Area(each map)< forty thousand square meters 
  • Collect Way: QR Code or Pick-up Number 
  • Interact with: Entrance Guard, Gate Machine
  • Integrate with Internal Telephone Gateway: support

Intelligent Identification
Identification on W2 supports QR code scanning and input pick-up numbers. The robot head also supports looking up after detecting human.

Multiple Notifications
When arrives at a designated location, W2 will notify the recipient of picking up parcels by calling and texting to ensure parcels will not be missed.

Automatic Missions Planning
W2 supports collecting and dispatching packages under scheduled destinations. After delivery finishes, it will automatically find the charging base to recharge.

Size Customizable Cabinets
With huge storage space, W2’s cabinets can be customized as required. And cabinet can be changed to drawer type with an automatic opening.

Trackless Auto-Navigation
With a laser navigation system, W2 can build an indoor map with precise positioning. It can perceive surroundings dynamically and then program a better path.

Integrate with Telephone
W2 supports integrating with internal telephones and calling automatically.

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