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Reception robot X3

PadBot X3–Specifications

  • Size (W * H * L): 49 x 140 x 48 cm
  • N.W: 23KG
  • Screen size: 10.1″
  • Extra tablet: 19″
  • Navigation system: Movement Accuracy: 5mm/m; Laser Scanning Radius: 30m 
  • Navigation Area( each map): >forty thousand square meters 
  • Battery Capacity: 20000mAh
  • Charge Time: 8 Hours
  • Running Time: >10 Hours
  • Auto charging: supported

Dual Screens
Basic SDK is offered to redevelop. Users who offer government services can easily integrate their software with robots. And the two screens will work together as a perfect service assistant.

Face recognition
After recognizing customers and their membership levels, X3 will provide according promotions and information.

Multiple Interfaces
X3 provides different software interfaces to extend with smart devices, including smart wearables, smart homes, ID readers, and QR code scanners.

One-way Video Call
With a one-way video call function, backstage staff can control the robot and type answers to let the robot speak out, thus offering more humanistic service.

Trackless Auto Navigation
With a laser navigation system, X3 can build an indoor map with precise positioning. It can perceive surroundings dynamically and then program a better path.

Customized Q&A
By loading product information into X3, it will be able to answer questions and display pictures. X3 will master the information instantly after configured.

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