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Educational robot E0A

PadBot E0a–Specifications

  • Size (W * H * L): 288 x 240 x 205mm
  • Weight: 4,5KG
  • Screen size: 7″
  • Speed: 0.48m/s
  • Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Tire diameter: 100mm
  • 3D Depth Camera: 2 Million Pixels 

ROS Teaching System
Full support for ROS teaching system, strong machine adaptability, and no need to worry about software and hardware compatibility.

Intelligent Al Visual Interaction
Based on the powerful computing performance of product hardware and sensors, it has strong visual recognition capabilities and greatly improved visual interaction performance.

Autonomous Mapping and Navigation
Equipped with classic 2D lidar, it supports Gmapping, Hector, Karto, Cartographer, and other algorithms for mapping.

Automatic Charging
After the robot completes the task of delivering meals, it can return to the designated charging dock autonomously without management.

Multiple Ways of Food Delivery
Built-in food delivery application, supporting single-point or multi-point delivery, multi­task parallel, improve the efficiency of food delivery.


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