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Cleaning robot

PadBot CS2–Specifications

  • Size (W * H * L): 65cm*70cm*67cm
  • Moving Speed: Navigation Speed: 0.7m/s, Max Manual
  • Speed: 0.88m/s 
  • Running Time: > 10H
  • Charging Time: 8h
  • Head Moving Range: To left: go0 , to right: go0; To up: 30°, to down: 15°
  • Navigation System: Moving Accuracy: 5mm/m; Laser
  • Navigation Radius: 30m 
  • Navigation Area (each map): <forty thousand square meters 
  • Visible Light Surveillance: Definition: 1080p; Focal distance: 2.8mm; Field angle: 121°; Video streaming format protocol: RTMP
  • Thermal Imaging Surveillance: Focal distance: 2.9 mm; Field angle: 121 °, temperature range:
  • Interact with: Entrance Guard, Gate Machine 
Large Area Auto Navigation
With a laser navigation system, S2 can build an indoor map with precise positioning. It can perceive surroundings dynamically then program a better path, and can be used in shopping malls and factory patrols.

Timed Autonomous Tasks
S2 can precisely locate the destination and set patrol tasks as required. After the task is finished, it will back to the charging dock automatically to recharge.

Al Visual Identity
The inbuilt Al visual identity system enables S2 to quickly recognize the human body, face, smoke, and fire, then alarming automatically.

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