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Disinfection robot

PadBot D2 Specifications

  • Size (W * H * L): 50cm*79.5cm*50cm
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Battery: 12800mAh
  • Water storage capacity: 15l
  • Amount of atomization: 3l/h
  • Travel speed: 0-0.7m/s
  • Disinfect the coverage area:20000m2
  • Memory: 2+16G
  • Charging time: 9 hours
  • Running time: 10 hours
  • Auto charging: Support
Ultrasonic Atomization Disinfection
Ultrasonic atomizing head, 15L super­large capacity water tank, spray area coverage up to 20000 square meters, fast and efficient.

Timed Task
The robot can perform disinfection tasks at regular times and points, and automatically report to the background after performing disinfection tasks.

Smarter Intelligent Elevator Control
Cross-floor Disinfection Intelligent elevator control module can Be optionally installed to control the Elevator and realize unimpeded travel Between multiple floor

Remote Control
Real-time monitoring of the robot’s own status and task execution status to ensure stable operation. Make epidemic prevention more efficient, safer and smarter.

Autonomous Navigation
The robot can quickly build an indoor map, and dynamically perceive and analyze the surrounding environment information, stably avoid obstacles in the operation process, and plan a better disinfection path.

Automatic Charging
After the robot completes the disinfection task, it autonomously returns to the designated charging bottom point to charge, without management, saving effort and worry.

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