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We believe that service is key

Many companies sell but fall short on after-sales service, in fact many just don’t offer it. We believe that service is key and should be quickly available if you require it. As well as looking after any items you have bought from us we can service and repair any windbreaks, flags and parasols that you may have.

Cafe Banner Repairs
Unfortunately items are sometimes broken or stolen and we can repair of replace any pieces of hardware and graphic you have. You might be suffering from reoccurring problems where an item is just not strong enough and we have solutions available to upgrade individual components for improved or more durable fittings where needed.

Parasol / Umbrella Repairs and Washing
Fixed parasols are a big investment but accidents, vandalism or just the British weather can often leave umbrella arms broken and canopies torn and shredded. We can repair your parasol arms often with new parts to save the cost of a new mast and the fabric canopies can be removed, holes repaired or completely replaced, maybe with new branding where needed.
After a long season your parasols will eventually become ingrained with dirt and start to look dull. We offer a parasol laundry service where we can remove the canopies, wash them and re-treat with waterproofing to bring them back into service.